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Download Free Game Jackie Chan Stuntmaster Pc 201353 [2022-Latest]

JACKIE CHAN STUNTMASTER STUNT MASTER BY SISU JACKIE CHAN STUNT MASTER GAME DOWNLOAD GAME FOR PC DOWNLOAD PC GAME FOR PC jACKIE CHAN STUNTMASTER JACKIE CHAN STUNT MASTER GAME DOWNLOAD GAME FOR PC DOWNLOAD PC GAME FOR PC Jackie Chan is the most revered kung fu superstar of all time. His timeless martial art works like no other, and his charm and good looks make him a legend. But nothing prepares him for the extraordinary stunts of Jackie Chan Stuntmaster, the most extreme stunt fighting game you’ve ever seen. So much more than just a fighting game, the JACKIE CHAN STUNTMASTER Series is truly a cinematic event. You’re not playing the game. You’re not fighting anyone else. You’re in the movie! The closest you’ve ever come to Jackie Chan’s stunts, and now you can recreate them yourself. WITNESS JACKIE CHAN’S UNBELIEVABLE ACTIVITIES - WHILE YOU’RE SURROUNDED BY ENVIRONMENTS THAT ARE JUST LIKE THE FILM SET! From the “Bullet in the Head” stunt on the roof of a building in the Hong Kong skyline to the death defying run across a road, get caught in a restaurant fight, and fight two guys at the same time, JACKIE CHAN STUNTMASTER brings the action to life like never before. The game is a true homage to the JACKIE CHAN FILM Series. The game features a story mode that lets you relive the intense action sequences from each film in order. There’s even a surprise ending! FEATURES A true homage to the JACKIE CHAN FILM Series One of the greatest action movie stars of all time! Hundreds of stunts inspired from the JACKIE CHAN FILM SERIES Stunt scenes that are unmissable to fans of the film series Story mode that lets you relive the incredible stunts from the films Hundreds of unlockable items Game Center support for achievements and leaderboards A soundtrack by Grammy®-winning composer Laurence Fishburne INCLUDES The DVD and Blu-ray Disc versions of Jackie Chan’s BLACKTIGER & WHITE JESUS ac619d1d87

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